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General terms and conditions of Leine Quartier GmbH

1 scope
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to contracts for a temporary rental
Provision of apartments for accommodation and all in this context for the
Customers provided additional services from Leine Quartier GmbH (hereinafter: “Leine
Quartier “).
1.2 The customer’s terms and conditions only apply if expressly stated in advance
was agreed in writing.
1.3 The subletting or re-letting of the rented apartments and their use
purposes other than accommodation require the Leine’s prior written consent
Quarter. The apartments are only suitable for the number of people in the respective
Apartment description are recorded. Additional people are not allowed in the apartment
occupancy. Should this nevertheless happen, Leine Quartier will terminate the contractual relationship immediately
terminate without notice; the customer must then vacate the apartment immediately.

2 Vertragsabschluss
The contract is concluded when the customer makes a booking offer from Leine Quartier in
In text form. Until a text-based acceptance, Leine Quartier is not to the
Booking request and does not hold a possible reservation.

3 services
3.1 Die Apartments sind individuell gestaltet und eingerichtet. The customer doesn’t have one
Entitlement to the provision of a specific apartment, but only to the provision
of a specific type of apartment, which in terms of equipment, design and furnishings
corresponds to the type of apartment that he selected when booking.
3.2 Does not approve of the rented apartment to the customer, although it is the type of apartment
that he selected when booking, the customer is not entitled to
alternatively assignment of another apartment.
3.3 Leine Quartier’s brochures and offer pages make no claim
Completeness. Irrtümer und Änderungen bleiben vorbehalten. In particular are the floor plans
of the respective apartments not to scale.
3.4 After the use of the apartments has ended, they are in a well-kept condition
leave. Die Apartments werden einmal wöchentlich gereinigt. The cost of the
Final cleaning is to be borne by the customer. They are in the respective offer prices for the
Apartments are not included and are shown separately in the offer. Bed linen and
Towels can be borrowed for a fee.
3.5 Die Apartments sind durch Zugangscodes gesichert. The delivery of these access codes
only takes place if the agreed total price is paid in full at the beginning of the
Transfer or by submitting a corresponding proof of payment.
3.6 Der Bezug der Apartments ist Mo. – So. zwischen 16.00 Uhr und 03.00 Uhr möglich.
Abreisen haben bis 11.00 Uhr des Abreisetages zu erfolgen.
3.7 Bringing pets is allowed without Leine’s prior consent
not allowed.
3.8 The customer agrees that Leine Quartier can use the yard and
Entrance area and common areas in the house monitored by video camera.

4 Behandlung der Apartments und Einrichtungsgegenstände
4.1 The customer has to take care of the apartment and the furnishings
to treat. The customer is liable for culpably caused by him during the period of use
Damage. The customer is also liable for damage caused by roommates or guests
have been caused.
4.2 The customer must immediately inform Leine Quartier of any damage or defects in
notify the apartments and furnishings.

5 Leine Quartier’s liability
5.1 Leine Quartier is liable for damages for which it is responsible from injury to life and death
Body or health. Furthermore, it is liable for other damage caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Leine Quartier or respectively
intentional or negligent breach of Leine’s typical contractual obligations
Quarter based. A breach of duty by Leine Quartier is a legal one
Representative or vicarious agent. Further claims for damages are insofar as
not regulated otherwise in this § 5, excluded.
5.2 Should disruptions or deficiencies in the services of Leine Quartier occur, Leine
Quartier will endeavor to remedy the situation if it becomes aware of this or if the customer complains immediately
to care. The customer is obliged to do what is reasonable for him to remedy the disruption
and to keep possible damage to a minimum, in particular any damage immediately
Report Leine Quartier (reception).
5.3 All claims against Leine Quartier generally become statute-barred one year from the start
the knowledge-dependent regular limitation period of § 199 para. 1 BGB.
Schadensersatzansprüche verjähren kenntnisunabhängig in fünf Jahren. The
Reductions in the limitation period do not apply to claims based on intentional or grossly
negligent breach of duty by Leine Quartier.

6 Withdrawal / failure to use the services by the customer
6.1 If a right of withdrawal has not been agreed or has already expired, there is also no statutory right
Right of withdrawal or termination and Leine Quartier does not agree to a contract cancellation,
Leine Quartier retains the right to the agreed remuneration despite non-use
performance. Leine Quartier receives the income from renting the apartments to other parties
as well as the saved expenses. The apartments will not be otherwise
is rented out, Leine Quartier can apply a flat-rate deduction for saved expenses. The
In this case, the customer is obliged to pay cancellation costs to Leine in accordance with the following provisions
Accommodation to pay:
a) From the 30th day before the start of the provision: 30% of the agreed total price,
b) 29th – 22nd day before the start of the transfer: 60% of the agreed total price,
c) from the 21st day before the start of the provision: 80% of the agreed total price,
d) If the customer does not show up or if the customer cancels on the day of arrival: 100% of the agreed amount
Total price.
6.2 After the booked time has expired, the customer receives a cancellation statement and, if applicable, a
corresponding return transfer of the (down) payment made.
6.3 The aforementioned cancellation costs apply subject to one from the customer for the by the
Cost loss incurred damage to be provided and are on the by
the specific damage incurred by the cost loss is limited.

7 final provisions
7.1 Mündliche Nebenabreden bestehen nicht. Changes or additions to the
underlying contract and / or these general terms and conditions require the
Written form. This also applies to the cancellation of the written form requirement.
7.2 Should individual provisions of the underlying contract and / or this
General terms and conditions are or become ineffective, so the legal validity
the remaining provisions are not affected. The relevant provision is through a
to replace effective ones that come as close as possible to the intended economic purpose.
7.3 If a third party ordered for the customer, he is jointly liable to Leine Quartier
the customer as joint and several debtor for all obligations from the underlying contract
and / or these terms and conditions.
7.4 The customer can oppose the claims of Leine Quartier from the underlying
Contract and / or these terms and conditions with a counterclaim only
set off if his claim is undisputed or has been legally established.
7.5 For all disputes arising from the underlying contract and / or these general terms
Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the terms and conditions are
Hanover agreed jurisdiction.
7.6 The customer is informed that within the framework of the lease management the das
Contractual relationship related data stored on data carrier and according to the provisions
of the Federal Data Protection Act.

We wish you pleasant days in our apartment.